Flusterclux With Lynn Lyons: For Parents Who Worry


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Valuable Podcast for Pandemic Parenting

I’m so glad a friend recommended this podcast to me. It’s been a calm source of reassurance that so many challenges my family is experiencing during the pandemic are normal, while also providing me with strategies for coping in a positive way. Thank you!


Lynn and her work has been an incredible resource for my work as a professional, and now has been a total lifeline for me as a parent as well. The podcast has been relevant, positive and responsive to not just the issues of the world around us but also to the personal struggles I face with my own kiddos. Her input and encouragement is invaluable. I definitely recommend this podcast!

Strategies for me AND my children during a difficult time!

Lynn Lyons has always been there for me and my family. With a son who struggles with anxiety and working through my own issues, she gives us a simple and workable framework to perceive life and all its uncertainty. She has given me strength and knowledge for years with her book, social media posts and lectures. But now when I need her the most, she delivers a podcast that helps us all process this new and abrupt COVID culture as parents, and parent of children with depression or anxiety. The episodes are the perfect length and directly applicable to our family life. Thank you Lynn and Robin for helping me be the best version of myself which helps me be the best mother I can be!!

Lynn Lyons Podcasts

Every single podcast of Lynn Lyons has been on point! She is smart, articulate, funny, relatable and engaging to her listeners. A Moms Retreat is excellent and so relevant. I also recommend all of her other podcasts!

My glimmer of laughs during these days

Thank you ladies for a glimmer of enjoyment these days. I so look forward to hearing your easy conversation and Lynn’s perfectly timed advice. I can use all the help I get at this point!

So Thankful for the Guidance and Wisdom

I am just so appreciative of Lynn’s podcast. At a time when there is so much to think about, her clear, succinct and professional guidance has helped me to understand why my children are behaving certain ways and most importantly, what to do about it. For example, early on she emphasized the need to insert silliness into our family, and this has been a steadfast pillar that has helped me to maintain a sense of safety for my youngest child (if mom is being silly ~ things MUST be OK). On the other hand, she also gives clear guidance and even specific phrases for how to talk to my kids and how to help them tolerate the discomfort of uncertainty ~ a skill that will serve them the rest of their lives. She also gives good guidance on how to balance the need for structure/need for flexibility that is especially difficult right now. Finally, Lynn's tone is collaborative and supportive. There is no parent-shaming ~ just compassionate, wise advice that inspires me to do the hard work of being a good parent.

Such a valuable and accessible resource

Lynn Lyons is an in-demand speaker and we were lucky to raise grant money to have her speak to parents in our town a year or two ago. Her expertise in the area of anxiety in kids/teens is outstanding. Both kids and adults gain such understanding from her talks, book and now podcast! Highly recommend this new podcast that makes her expertise available to an even wider audience.

Can’t recommend this enough!

Love this podcast! I became aware of Lynn by taking an anxiety training as a therapist and found this as I was looking for more of her work. This podcast of course helps me as a therapist but really I love it because it helps me as a mom. She’s down to earth, has great insight and ideas!


I can’t recommend this podcast to enough people! I’ve seen Lynn speak at multiple conferences and I’ve soaked in as much of her expertise as I can! I use her strategies and recommendations with my own children and in my own school counseling work! Lynn, podcasts is the way to go! You’re an incredible speaker and parents really relate to you! Thank you for creating this! And I love your conversation style with Robin too!

5 Stars!

Lynn offers up practical, easy to use advice that is especially helpful during this time. Her years of experience working with families of kids who struggle with anxiety is apparent. Her ability to connect with the audience in a humorous and relatable way makes this podcast a winner!

Perfect for parents of kids with anxiety

I’ve found my new favorite podcast! As a mom of four kids, two of whom have anxiety, this is a great podcast, especially now that we’re all stuck at home!

Much needed

I saw Lynn speak in person and I’m a big fan of her straight forward style. I know she will being a few moments of calm and reason in a very uncertain world.

Insightful and supportive

In this crazy world we live in, parents more than ever need some supportive wisdom to help raise empowered children. I'm so happy to learn some effective strategies to help my daughter manage her anxiety, especially given the current uncertain challenge the world is facing.

Love being able to hear them

As a long time fan of Y travel blog, it is so fun to make their storytelling come to life in this podcast.

Super helpful

Smart and insightful . Very helpful during the current crisis, but in the future as well !! I have not read anything as helpful as Lynn’s take on how to help your child with anxiety challenges, so pleased now I get to listen to her as well .