Sept. 7, 2020

When You Should Get Your Child A Depression or Anxiety Diagnosis

When You Should Get Your Child A Depression or Anxiety Diagnosis

How do you go about getting a mental health diagnosis for your child? And what is an ADHD or anxiety diagnosis good for? Lynn Lyons also answers a listener question about the dynamic when there's an anxious parent and a laid-back parent.

1:00 Lynn provides an overview of getting a child a mental health diagnosis and asks th4e questions all parents should consider. How do you get one? Do you need one?

8:26 Lynn explains the right way to think about a diagnosis and its role in treating a child or teen. She explains a child’s diagnosis is often a family diagnosis and references the book Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents that give families a roadmap after an anxiety diagnosis.

She talks about how a depression, anxiety or ADHD diagnosis affects all members of the family and how to stop accommodating the diagnosis.

12:47 We talk about siblings of the diagnosed child and how they experience the disorder.

17:28 Robin talks about why she love her Circle to manage screen time with her kids. Our affiliate link will get you $20 off of a Circle.

18:10 Robin reads a listener question by a parent who is married to someone with anxiety and depression that has increased from the stress of two children, one with special needs and work.

Lynn shares references for couples therapy: Michelle Wiener-Davis, and Terry Real.


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