Flusterclux With Lynn Lyons: For Parents Who Worry


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Great show for worried parents!

If you’re not worried as a parent in 2023 America, you are so lucky! This podcast is for the rest of us who are concerned about raising well adjusted people who can handle all the change in our world. Love all the things I’ve learned from Lynn & Robin!

Incredible podcast

I am a school counselor and have learned so much about anxiety, phrases to use, and ways to help young people move through their anxiety symptoms, which has been invaluable. It is so beneficial that Lynn provides simple and effective language to use with young people, which I have since used (Thank you!). I highly recommend this podcast.


Just happened to click on this podcast because I need help with my teenagers and the advice given here about anxiety is amazing! Everything you said is 100% true. It’s not an illness, disease, or life long sentence. Allowing the feelings and accepting how we feel gives space for emotions to come and go normally. Focusing on it and fighting the feelings or seeing them as something bad is what keeps us stuck. I dealt with it myself during the pandemic but it’s not an issue anymore because I changed how I saw the feelings and symptoms. So great to hear someone speak about it this way because I 100% agree. Thanks and keep teaching kids and teens the right way to deal with feelings and emotions.

4 stars are not enough

Life changing for me! Thank you ladies! Love the side conversations just as much too

Love every episode

Alll grandmothers should listen! You’ll learn so much!

my "go-to" for anxiety

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lynn Lyons' approach to managing anxiety and giving kids and parents the SKILLS and tools to deal with life's uncertainties. She takes the teeth out of anxiety and her approach can help anyone and everyone to change their minds about what anxiety is, what it means, how to deal with it--and in turn, how to manage life and relationships in general. I don't in general buy books being promoted by people I'm listening to--I'll give it some time first--but believe me i was eager to sign up for the Anxiety Audit, and also her older book.

Practicing therapist

A friend tipped me off to Lynn because she said I would love her, given my own views on working with anxiety symptoms. While making dinner I had the podcast playing and my 13 year old walked in and said, “Oh no! There is a famous, even more enthusiastic anxiety therapist encouraging you now???” HAHAHA! At least she can handle her worry when it shows up and with Lynn and Robins help, you will be able to support your child in a healthy and skill building way to work through their challenges too.

Best podcast!

I love this podcast and have recommended it to so many! Lynn and her sister in law are such a great duo. Lynn offers such practical, helpful, and common sense advice—and all with a sense of humor. I can’t recommended flusterclux enough!

Favorite podcast!

Lynn and Robin are warm, funny hosts who have created a podcast that is full of wisdom, insight, and practical tools. I take something valuable away from every episode, even if I’m not initially sure the episode will be relevant to my family. I look forward to every Friday’s new episode!


Hands down, this is my “go-to” podcast as both a mom and a professional working with children and families. Lynn and Robin are refreshingly relatable to the day to day issues of parenting in this day and age. There are always a bazillion “ah-ha” moments in every episode, which keeps me coming back for more. Thank you!!

Thank you!

This podcast has changed our lives - giving us new perspectives on old habits, and creating space in our homes for flexibility and freedom from anxiety! Thank you!


This podcast is fantastic. Listen to them all- even if you think that topic isn’t relevant- you will get takeaways. I wish more people listened to this podcast. More people would understand how anxiety impacts their life in big or small ways on a daily basis. I learn something with every episode. I understand myself and family members better.

Great to listen with kids

I work with people with anxiety and find this podcast useful professionally but where it’s been entirely invaluable is in listening with my kids aged 13 and 10. We have shared language that makes conversations so much easier but also gives us a jumping off point to start hard topics. Being able to ‘see’ what Lynn and Robin identify in our family members has also finally broken open this topic of avoidance/anxiety in a way that is dynamic changing. Specifically, in terms of making good choices to overall reduce anxiety as opposed to avoiding situations that bring anxiety but by avoiding has historically robbed us of many opportunities to connect with one another and community. Thanks so much! And I love love love their sense of humor.

Therapist Approved!

I’m a therapist and live by Lynn. I recommend her podcast to everyone and I am completely bias because I cannot find another parenting guru I completely trust and standby! Thanks Lynn! ❤️


What a gift to have Lynn and Robin help to navigate all-things parenting! I’ve discovered so much about myself and my kids through this gem of a podcast. Even when the title of an episode feels like it may not apply to our family, I inevitably hear something that resonates or inspires. By far my #1 podcast. Than you, thank you!!

Life changing

I have learned so much from this podcast! I bought Lynn’s book and learned even more! My 4 year old daughter talks to worry of her own initiative now. Has made swim lessons and separations so much easier! Thank you!

Vanilla Ice Cream

Flusterclux is an amazing podcast! I listen on my way home. It has helped me identify my own anxiety and how to help my 7 year old daughter. We have come a long way in my house this year! Not all days are perfect, but at least we have a better understanding of how to handle stress and anxiety! Thank you for all the tips and tricks (vanilla ice cream)!

Lynn tells us, “it’s going to be ok”

To have someone offer words of encouragement during a time of uncertainty was a tonic I did not know would be so powerful. She offers such rich questions and thoughtful responses. It’s ok to be silly and playful. And it’s going to be ok. I know firsthand implementing her advice really works. She was my light at the end of a dark tunnel. I’ve continued to listen and implemented a lot of her process vs content even in business. And let me tell you how much I used to love the “content.” Thank you Lynn for sharing your knowledge.

My favorite podcast!

This is the only podcast I listen to every week without fail! I love all the practical skills they teach us and they are fun to listen to. These strategies have been so helpful for my family’s worry. I feel so grateful that my daughter’s school counselor recommended that I check out Lynn Lyons - life changing stuff for us!

So glad I found this!

Love the information and ideas shared! Super helpful.

Practical and Powerful

This is an excellent podcast. It is grounded in real life scenarios that are highly relatable. The discussions are thoughtful and the concepts are presented in a way that is easy to understand.

Absolutely Fantastic!

Over the past few years, I have read "Anxious Kids Anxious Parents" cover to cover and attended two talks and one all day seminar with Lynn. As an anxious parent who has an anxious daughter, I am thrilled that she and Robin have come out with a Podcast. Every episode has been incredibly informative. I appreciate how Lynn approaches each worrisome scenario, breaks it down for parents to understand and explains how to help a struggling child. I just finished the phobia episode which hits close to home as my daughter struggles with Amataphobia. It was very helpful to hear how important it is to speak about the process vs. the worry. Thank you so very much for guiding me with your practical and understandable approach with anxiety. I think you are brilliant and I'm truly and grateful for all the work that you are doing.


Learning a lot from this podcast. Very informative and helpful. Thank you.


I love this podcast! It’s real, funny, wise and the tools work. As a LICSW, I admire Lynn’s knowledge but more so her ability to connect with her patients and listeners in real ways. This podcast has brought so much to my work as a clinician and a parent. “I appreciate you!”

Amazing resource

I had the amazing experience of being able to hear Lynn speak last year. She is real and down to earth and makes the hard conversations and topics more subtle, yet driving home the point being made. I absolutely am one of her biggest fans not only as a resource for my work, but also myself. And who wouldn’t love something titled “Flusterclux” 🤣

Clucking Amazing

Became interested in Lynn Lyons after reading Anxious Kids Anxious Parents - super excited to have found her podcast! It’s a lovely, calm, informative conversation about anxiety and mental health for both parents and their children. Especially relevant during these crazy times. Thank you ladies!

A Real Pick-Me-Up

Lynn and Robin are fantastic! They are both down to Earth and so very real which is refreshing in the world of social media where many things ‘appear to be perfect’. Their stories and advice are not only relatable and practical but so very validating for so many of us that are struggling in 2020. Whether you have young children, teenagers or young adult children, this podcast is for you!


This podcast has been so relevant and needed during this time. Every episode provides me with tidbits that I can implement into my life! I’m so enjoying this and know that you will too!

THG and friends

Enjoyed every one so far!

Incredibly valuable!

I work with kids with anxiety and take any opportunity I can to learn from Lynn. This podcast is such a gift to myself and families! Thank you Lynn!