Aug. 24, 2020

When a family experiences a traumatic event together & If your child says "nobody likes me"

When a family experiences a traumatic event together & If your child says

When a family experiences a traumatic event together, how can they heal? What do you say when your child says "Nobody likes me." And how do you teach your child to be more flexible?

Show Notes

:037 Robin reads the first of three listener questions in the episode. the first question. A mom asks how to help her six-year-old son who says other kids hate him.

Lynn provides guidance on improving social skills as a life-long challenge, learning to take criticism, and learning to play with more flexibility.

12:06 The second listener question involves a family who experienced a traumatic accident while hiking together when a boulder crushed their daughter. They are trying to help her overcome her PTSD and flashbacks from the accident.

Lynn discussing how to create mental distance from the event, avoid globalizing the event, and how to support the family’s different preferences of healing.

26:40 Robin reads the 3rd listener question about encouraging flexibility in a 4 year old.

27:07 Lynn teaches parents how to encourage flexibility in their children using the wall of flexibility and uncooked spaghetti.

31:44 Robin and Lynn discuss the Annie’s Mac and Cheese stage of parenting

33:42 Robin mentioned Lynn’s book Anxious Kids Anxious Parents that she wrote with Reid Wilson.

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