Oct. 5, 2020

Picky Eater Kids: Preventing and Managing Food Anxiety

Picky Eater Kids: Preventing and Managing Food Anxiety

Do you have picky eater kids? Or do you want to make sure you don't in the future? We talk about what causes a picky eating disorder and explain the picky eater definition. Also, Lynn answers a listener question about an eight year old girl who is having trouble remembering her life before the pandemic.

0:55 Lynn mentions an eating disorder called avoidant restrictive food intake disorder that came out in the latest edition of the DSM five, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Fifth Edition of Psychiatric Diagnosis.

6:22 Robin shares a parenting hack to introduce new fruits or vegetables to young children.

8:47 Robin suggests a game called eat your face, where you take a variety of cut up fruits and vegetables to start design facial expressions.

14:06 Robin asks Lynn if picky eaters are grasping for control because they do not feel that have autonomy.

26:52 Lynn describes what isn’t a picky eater.

28:18 Robin references Lynn’s books, Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents.

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30:59 Listener Question about the pandemic affecting a child's memory.

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Closing Music Courtesy of Susie Tallman, "Apples & Bananas"

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