May 18, 2020

Parents: Try These Bedtime Routine Hacks

Parents: Try These Bedtime Routine Hacks

Bedtime routine and sleep issues are tough. Now add a global pandemic, and no one is getting good sleep. Here's how to improve sleep problems for kids, teens, and parents. Download our free kids' sleep meditation.

Our sleep is very illustrative of other things that are going on. When we opened it up on our Facebook group and asked people if they had questions, we got a lot of responses. So, for anybody who's listening and who's wondering whether or not the sleep issues that they're dealing with in their family are unique, the answer is no. They are not.

3:42 Our first section of the show, Lynn offers guidance to parents of younger children. Starting at age four, Lynn offers ways for children to fall asleep and stay in their own beds.

Lynn gives a glimpse of the recorded scripts she makes for her clients to help their children go to sleep, and we offer a free download of an example for you to use.

13:15 Lynn talks about the "mommy fruit scale" and how to convey to your younger kids that you just feel out of gas.

14:45 Lynn goes over realistic boundaries for tween and teen sleeping schedules and how to negotiate healthy sleep limits with them. We talk about the role of devices in sleep disruption and how to manage it.

We discuss a WiFI device that can shut off at night to prevent kids from accessing the internet past bedtime. Use our affiliate link for a $20 off coupon.

22:35 We discuss the need to limit our exposure to the news, particularly children, who cannot process it well, as one listener's 4th grader is now waking throughout the night and watching news throughout the day.

26:20 Lynn gives parents her own favorite sleep trick that prevents the brain from ruminating. She goes over her ABC game and its magical amount of cognitive functioning to prevent rumination.

Outro music is the wonderful Susie Tallman and her cover of "Slumber Song" from her album Lullaby Themes For Sleepy Dreams.

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