Sept. 28, 2020

Parenting, Perfectionism, and Anxiety: How We Reward Something Toxic

Parenting, Perfectionism, and Anxiety: How We Reward Something Toxic

Perfectionism and anxiety create a torture chamber we don't want to model for kids. When we reward excellence, how do we know when it becomes toxic? We explain how a parents can check their own behaviors as well as what to look for and say to their kids. Lynn answers a listener question from a mom whose daughter has extreme anxiety about shots and vaccines.


Lynn describes the connection of perfectionism and anxiety in adults and kids she treats and suggests parents start looking at themselves and the messages around perfectionism they are sending.

Robin references the book The Conscious Bride.


Lynn mentions the episode when she refers to the marital snort.


Lynn discusses the connection between perfectionism and procrastination and signs of perfectionism in children.


The Circle is what we use to manage our kids’ screen time. Our affiliate link will get you $20 off a circle device for your home.


Robin reads a listener question for Lynn to answer about two girls who have anxiety of getting shots.


Robin references the co-parenting episode in relation to loading the dishwasher.


We talk about family silliness and the idea of embracing the messy


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