July 27, 2020

Listeners Ask: Teens And Peer Pressure

Listeners Ask: Teens And Peer Pressure

When your teenagers start testing you with new language and behaviors, how do you help them strengthen the skills they need to be more immune to peer pressure and self destructive behavior like cutting? Lynn Lyons answers a listener's question about her 13 year old daughter.

For our summer bonus episodes, Lynn is answering listener questions. 

"Help. I do not recognize my newly turned 13-year-old, she is exhibiting behavior I never would have anticipated. She has a thrill for adrenaline and constantly asking me about stupid things I did as a kid, and I feel like I'm mourning the sweetest little girl I've ever known. She recently confessed that she has attempted cutting which absolutely floored me."

Lynn talks about how to help your teenagers develop skills to say no to their friends and how to show empathy without imitating their friends who have self destructive habits.

Lynn mentions her webinar, Teens, Anxiety, and Depression, for teens and parents for families who feel that their children are struggling during this age.

Robin references Lynn's Facebook Live video about the stresses of fall school and how parents are trying to manage the choices of going back to school this fall.

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