Sept. 21, 2020

How Family Laughter And Silliness Are Our Families' Most Powerful Tonics

How Family Laughter And Silliness Are Our Families' Most Powerful Tonics

In this episode we talk about how critical it is in a family to have levity for mental health. Silliness has never been a more a critical parenting tool than in 2020. Here's how to use it to make manage your anxiety and make your kids feel safe. And we answer a listener question about remote learning with high school students at home. How much do you hover? How do you get your own work done? Check out the answers!

Lynn references the three prior episodes on the arc of diagnosis in anxiety and depression and what to notice in your child and what to do if you have a diagnosis and helping your child get the best treatment.


Robin mentioned in one of our first episodes the powerful that when children see us being playful, it’s telling them that they are safe— that the world is okay.


Lynn references an amazing podcast on bias with Jordan Harbinger and mentions Paul Eckman’s work on micro-expressions.


Robin talks about blogger Tania Lamb and her Halloween costumes, and I think she has a Facebook Live show, and her website is called Lola Lambchops.


Lynn shows the family culture of comedy giving James Corden and his parents as examples of two people who love to laugh.


We talk about teasing being toxic and not to exploit a child’s suffering, referencing Jimmy Kimmel’s annual Halloween candy prank as something not to do. But we are all for pranking adults like young woman who got her wisdom teeth out and her brothers picked her up and convinced her there was a zombie apocalypse.



This listener question is from a mom of three teens who are home with remote learning. She wants to know how to keep her kids engaged with work, and wonders how much nagging it acceptable to keep everyone on track while also working from home.



It lets you set daily limits for different apps and social media. It also controls your kids’ Wi Fi schedules, and you can adjust age appropriate filters for searches from little kids to teens. Our affiliate link will get you $20 off of a Circle. I love it.


Lynn brings up the discussion of fears from the week prior and explains why she is afraid of rats and the role the movies in our heads play in conjuring fear. Robin is afraid of sharks.


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