Aug. 17, 2020

Back To School Anxiety: Supporting The Social-Emotional Needs of Students and Teacher

Back To School Anxiety: Supporting The Social-Emotional Needs of Students and Teacher

In this podcast episode on back to school anxiety, we focus on the social and emotional wellbeing for students and teachers and how parents can help. We take questions for guidance counselors and school administrators about helping everyone in the school building or remote learning.

0:49 Robin reads the first question from listeners.

Hi, I’m a school counselor in an elementary school. The return to school has many parents, myself included, anxious. With that said, how do you suggest I coach parents on supporting students prior to the return date? We know kids are picking up their cues from the adults. They’re surrounded by and many times those adults are unintentionally feeding student fears. How can I assist a family member and myself who’s super stressed and anxious, but is unwilling or unable to change patterns?

7:44 Lynn talks about the importance of positive expectancy in our language with our children.

9:44 Lynn gives in home and at school ways to create ritual for a new school year.

12:10 Lynn talks about why academics are NOT the priority this fall, and has a special message for parents concerned about their children falling behind academically.

15:49 Robin reads the second listener question about teacher anxiety

I facilitate the majority of our building-based professional development as I try to think about what the fall will look like, and I really can’t. We have a few teachers we’re really concerned about in regards to their emotional health and readiness for in-person instruction. My principal and I have discussed this at length, how do we address this with them gracefully without putting them over the edge and make them feel supported? We think they could really use some professional help. What can we do?

19:17 Robin referenced one of Lynn’s Facebook Live videos talking about feeling back to school anxiety for the first time: “the worry rookies”.

21:13 Robin talked about this Facebook post that was a letter from nurses to teachers.

22:03 Lynn talks about not misplacing anger or blame on the school situation but to model empathy.

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